It Starts
With Joy
For Ellyn

Our Vision

Joy Sports Academy brings joy to children ages 2-13 through learning sports skills at an early age. We believe in planting seeds of Joy and nurturing that Joy with energy and excitement. Once that Joy takes root, their potential and possibilities for anything they do have no limits. I call that "A Champion's Mindset."


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"My daughter has been playing for Coach Yoda for two seasons and she has improved dramatically. His positive attitude and ability to teach skills have given her so much confidence."
Mary Bruno - 2/21/2022

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"He is positive, inclusive, and talented at working with young children. My daughter is taking some time to warm up to participating, and Coach Yoda is patient and committed to helping her."
Andrea - 5/1/2022

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Loves Coach Yoda

"He is high-energy and has tons of passion. Our child has improved her game with Coach Yoda and has learned to love the game"
Brody - 5/15/2022